Proximity Switches

Magnetic Proximity Switches (MPS) have established themselves within the market where physical contact is to be avoided.

MPS are used wherever mechanical limit switches are not suitable due to unfavourable operating conditions or when other non-contacting switches such as inductive or capacitive sensors would be too expensive.

With MPS in many cases direct switching of loads is possible.

The main application areas are the automotive industry, industrial and production equipment as well as alarm- and control systems.

MPS with change-over contacts are characterized by universal use as normally open, normally closed or change-over contacts. Depending on the individual requirement our switches can be delivered with encapsulated respectively potted housings.

Exceptions may be obtained from the respective data sheets. MPS are supplied with a standard cable length of 2 meters. In the 4-pole version two diagonal single cables form a security circuit.

For operating our MPS we recommend to use the magnets specified in the data sheets. Our data sheets show the range of our standard versions only.