High Voltage Reed Relays

GÜNTHER® High Voltage Reed Relay technology is based upon our extensive experience in the design and manufacture of Reed Switches and Reed Relays.

GÜNTHER® High Voltage Reed Relays have outstanding performance characteristics in insulation resistance and stand-off voltage. The high dielectric stand-off voltage between the open contacts as well as the high switching voltage are achieved by using high vacuum Reed Switches. A proven assembly and potting technique assures the following relay characteristics:

  • Stand-off voltage across open contacts from 3 kV up to 14 kV max.
  • Stand-off voltage between coil and contact from 10 kV up to 25 kV max.
  • Switching voltage from 1.5 kV up to 10 kV max.

GÜNTHER® High Voltage Reed Relays are offered in a variety of contact configurations:

  • 1 N.O.2 N.O. or 4 N.O. contacts (normally open contacts)
  • 1 N.C. (normally closed contact)
  • 1 N.C. / 1 N.O. (1 normally closed contact/ 1 normally open contact)

GÜNTHER® High Voltage Reed Relays offer mounting flexibility enabling the customer to match different application requirements:

  • Coil and Reed Switch connecting pins in the base plate for PCB mounting.
  • Coil connecting pins in the base plate for PCB mounting and Reed Switch connections with cable.
  • Coil connecting pins in the base plate for PCB mounting and Reed Switch connecting pins on top of the relay.

GÜNTHER® High Voltage Reed Relays have additional features:

  • Immunity against harsh environmental conditions (eg. high humidity) by using hermetically sealed switching contacts potted in a strong plastic case.
  • High shock and vibration resistance.
  • Low contact capacitance and high switching frequency in comparison with electromechanical, open relay contacts.
  • Washable and resistant to standard automatic cleaning methods.

GÜNTHER® High Voltage Reed Relays find application in many areas of the electrotechnical and electronic industry:

  • Electronic medical equipment
  • Cable tester arrays and cable test equipment
  • Copy machines
  • Laser optical systems and infra-red equipment
  • Test equipment

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