Inclination switches Hg-free

STG offers a wide spectrum of non-mercury inclination switches.

The product range varies from pendulum switches on reed switch basis over ball switches up to electromechanical switches on semiconductor basis.

The capacity range covers a switching capacity of 0 W/VA to 10 W/VA>, a switching voltage of almost 0V AC/DC to 240 V AC/DC and a switching current of 0 A AC/DC to 500mA AC/DC.

Given this extensive assortment of products, different contact types (Normally open or normally closed as uni- or omnidirectional versions) and design models can be supplied.

The development of inclination switches or sensors for any kind of application is worked out in close cooperation with our customers. Please contact our experienced technicians.

Here are some examples of our extensive product range:

Inclination sensor with pendulum and SMD capacitor:
A magnet mounted on a pendulum passes a Reed Switch when the sensor is tilted. This activates the Reed Switch. Differential angles above 2° are available.

The repetitive accuracy of the sensor allows its use for very high precision requirements, for example in the automotive industry.

Inclination sensor with balls and resistor:
The magnet is moving with the balls when the sensor is tilted. This activates the Reed Switch. The resistor is used in order to protect the Reed Switch contact.