The primary goal of Switch Technology Günther is to fully satisfy its customers.

At STG, we do not make compromises when it comes to quality control in all of our processes. Our target is “zero defect” from the very beginning.

The “zero defect” policy stipulates that no defective materials should enter the production lines and that no non-conforming intermediate products or finished products should be passed to the next stage. Check points for error detection are installed at critical stations throughout the manufacturing process.

The achievement of our quality objectives is an important managerial duty.

This is implemented with the help of target agreements between management and employees.
Every employee is obliged to follow the quality guidelines. Additional customer demands must be taken into consideration.
Our organization is certified according ISO 9001:2008. But STG is now taking the next step in superior quality by implement ISO/TS 16949 in the next year.

Regarding environment, we work to protect him and use natural resources as efficiently as possible. Environmental management systems have been introduced with the aim of earning ISO 14001 certification, the internationally recognized standard in this area.