technical details

DIL-SIL Reed Relays

General Parameters

Life Expectancy
The life expectancy of a Reed Relay is at least 105…106 operations at nominal load. At minimum load the life expectancy can be up to 5 x 108 operations.

The mechanical life expectancy is 109 operations (minimum). Through the switching of higher loads, especially inductive or capacitive and lamp loads, life expectancy can be considerably reduced due to exceeding the permissible maximum current.

Vibration and Shock Resistance
During the evaluation of vibration and shock resistance, the relays are driven with nominal voltage. The switches should not open longer than 10 μsec.


Resistant to Caltron, Freon, alcohol and distilled (pure) water. During the final rinsing phase only the purest substances should be used.

The capacitance parameters are regarded as typical and are calculated for versions without shielding:

By using laser welding in manufacture, a number of our DIL-SIL Reed Relays are suitable for enhanced soldering requirements.

Hole Diameter in PCB: Ø 0,65 mm

Switching Time
When using dry Reed Switches in relays, contact bounce may occur.

Pull-in time (incl. bounce time)
at nominal voltage and 20 Hz
typ. 0,5…1,8 ms
Drop-out time (with diode)
at nominal voltage and 20 Hz
typ. 0,5…1,5 ms

Relay versions with 15 V nominal coil voltage are available upon request.